Sabatini and Associates Hired By Client Seriously Injured in Bus Accident

Sabatini and Associates have been hired by a client seriously injured in a Connecticut bus accident.  Our client was walking in a parking lot when a bus struck and ran over him resulting in multiple serious injuries.  Our personal injury lawyers represent people seriously injured in vehicle accidents including bus accidents. To consult one of our attorneys, please call us at 860-667-0839.

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Jogger Struck By Car Retains Sabatini and Associates

A young woman jogging on a Connecticut residential road who was struck by a car has retained the personal injury lawyers at Sabatini and Associates, LLC. The car that hit the young woman fled from the accident scene.  The impact of the collision broke the woman’s arm and surgery was necessary to repair the fracture.  The police have been unable to identify and locate the owner and driver of the vehicle that fled the scene.  Since this as a hit and run incident, our client has an uninsured motorist benefits claim under the terms and conditions of her car insurance policy. Every person who has a Connecticut car insurance policy has uninsured motorist benefits coverage.  This coverage applies in accidents where the negligent party had no insurance or as in this case, the negligent party cannot be identified.



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Pedestrian Injured By Car With No Insurance – What to Do

If a pedestrian has been injured in a Connecticut car accident and the car had no insurance, the pedestrian still has legal recourse to receive compensation for his injuries.  Specifically, the injured pedestrian has claim for uninsured motorist benefits coverage under his own car insurance policy.  Every Connecticut resident who purchases car insurance has uninsured motor benefits coverage.  This coverage provides insurance in cases where the insured is injured by someone without car insurance.

When an uninsured motorist benefits claim is made, your insurance company then steps into the shoes of the tortfeasor – the driver that was at fault for the collision.  In other words, your own insurance company takes an adversary position and will attempt to either defeat your claim entirely or minimize the monetary recovery.   Consequently, it is in your best interest to retain an attorney and have the attorney pursue the underinsured motorist benefit claim on your behalf.

If you have an uninsured motorist benefits claims, our personal injury lawyers are here to help. Call us at 860-667-0839

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Table Saw Injuries | CT Product Liability Lawyers

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 35,000 table saw users are injured every year. Many of the injuries are caused by kickback, when a piece of wood being cut closes and snags on the back of the spinning saw blade causing the wood to fly back toward the user. The kickback of the wood causes the user to lose balance and in many cases resulting in a finger, hand or arm coming into contact with the blade. The blade contact causes severe injuries including amputation.
These injuries can be prevented through safety technology. One, SawStop technology is a safety feature where the saw detects flesh and stops the rotating saw blade upon contact with human skin. Two, Riving Knives are metal pieces attached behind the exposed blade that rise and fall with the blade. The metal pieces keep the wood from closing an snagging the back of the rotating blade.
Despite the availability of the safety technology, table saw manufacturers continue to balk at incorporating the technology in their products and thus, people continue to get seriously injured.
Our Connecticut product liability lawyers are available to discuss defective product injury claims including those involving table saws.

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