Snow and Ice

Connecticut property owners are responsible for the removal of snow and ice from walkways. Connecticut property owners are also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property. A particularly unsafe condition is where ice having not been removed has now been covered by freshly fallen snow. A pedestrian walking on a snow covered walkway has no way of knowing that there is ice under the snow until he steps on it. In addition, the freshly fallen snow makes the ice underneath it more slippery.
The law requires a property owner to make the walkway reasonably safe. So if there is ice on the sidewalk, treating the ice with salt or sand is necessary. If snow has accumulated on the walkway, then the snow has to be removed.
Insurance companies defending these cases like to argue that it was the injured person’s fault. The insurance companies love to argue that the injured person should have seen the snow and ice before she stepped on it.
We are here to defeat the insurance companies “blame the injured” arguments. With our vast experience and knowledge representing hundreds of people who have been injured by snow and ice covered walkways, you can successfully rebut the insurance company’s arguments and recover the necessary money to compensate for your harms and losses.

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