Injury Claims Against Municipalities

We represent people injured by the negligence of municipalities, towns, cities and the State of Connecticut.  Municipalities, towns, cities and the State of Connecticut and their agents, servants and employees can be held liable for highway and sidewalk defects.  Connecticut General Statute Section 13a-149 is the exclusive remedy against a city or town for an injury or damage sustained as a result of a highway or sidewalk defect.  To prove a claim against a city of town for a defective highway or sidewalk, the plaintiff must prove that there was a defective, that the town or city knew of the specific defect or should have known of the defect, and that the defect was the sole proximate cause of the injuries and damages claimed.

Notice must be given to the municipality within 90 days following the accident.  The written notice must certain specific information.  If proper and timely notice is not given, the injured person is prevented from being a legal claim in court.

Municipalities may also be held liable for their negligence in the performance of certain ministerial acts or for the creation of a nuisance.  Municipalities must assume liability for the negligent acts of their employees during the scope of their employment provided that notice of intention to commence suit is filed within 6 months of the negligence.

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