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Lawsuit Filed In Car Accident Case

Attorney James Sabatini has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client who was seriously injured in a car crash. The client sustained a herniated disc in the cervical spine that produces radiating pain.  The client initially attempted to handle the case on his own and deal with the insurance company’s claims adjuster.  His dealings with the insurance company became increasingly frustrating so he contacted Attorney Sabatini to takeover the case on his behalf. It is not uncommon for the firm to be retained by a client only after the client attempted to handle his case on own.  In cases involving significant injury, the injured person absolutely requires legal representation to ensure that he is properly and fully compensated for his injuries and losses.

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Family Injured In Connecticut Car Accident Retains Sabatini & Associates

A Connecticut family seriously injured in a recent car accident has retained the law firm of Sabatini and Associates to represent them in their case.  The family was rear ended causing multiple family members including two small children to be injured. The entire family was taken from the collision scene by ambulance to the local emergency room. Our firm’s initial investigation into the collision has determined that the impact of the collision was greater than what the visible property damage to the vehicles would suggest. This was determined by witness accounts of the collision and structural damage to the family’s vehicle behind the bumper cover.

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Injured Car Accident Victim Retains Sabatini & Associates, LLC

Sabatini and Associates, LLC has been retained by a client injured in a recent car accident.  The car accident occurred in Connecticut and has caused serious injuries to our client.  Initially, the client attempted to handle the claim on his own but soon discovered that he was ill equipped to deal with the insurance company on his own.  If you have been injured in a car accident and are handling the insurance claim on your own, contact one our of personal injury attorneys today.

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$190,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Attorney James Sabatini recently secured a $190,000.00 settlement for his client who was injured in a car accident. The collision resulted in a cervical disc herniation.

 The herniation was producing radiating pain symptoms. The symptoms were delayed. In other words, the first report of the radiating pain was approximately four months after the collision. There was no surgery. The medical bills were paid and there was no insurance reimbursement for the medical bills paid.  The case was pending in Hartford Superior Court for approximately two years. The case settled two weeks prior to trial.

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Client Receives $100,000.00 Settlement From Car Accident Involving Drunk Driver

Attorney James Sabatini has reached a $100,000 settlement on behalf of his client who suffered a herniated disc as a result of a drunk driver.  The client was rear ended by a drunk driver.  The case settled for the drunk driver’s policy limits. The insurance company’s original settlement offer was $6,000.00.  The insurance company repeatedly attempted to try to settle the case for less than the policy limits.

Each attempt by the insurance company to settle for less than the policy limits was immediately rejected.  With the trial a few months away, the insurance company offered the full policy limits.   On a related noted, the drunk driver had been drinking alcohol at a restaurant.  A dram shop claim has been brought against the restaurant.  The case remains pending in court.

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