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Woman Injured In West Hartford Car Accident Retains Sabatini & Associates


A young woman injured in a recent car accident in West Hartford has retained the lawyers at Sabatini and Associates to represent her in her personal injury case.  The woman was injured by another car that went through a red light. She was taken by ambulance from the collision scene.  Sabatini and Associates has over 40 years of experience in representing people injured in Connecticut car accidents. If you have been injured in a car accident, please call our personal injury attorneys at 860-667-0839 to discuss your case.

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Six Figure Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

Attorney James Sabatini obtained a six figure settlement on behalf of his client in a slip and fall case.  The case involved a big box store located in Connecticut.  Our client was walking in an aisle when she fell due to a foreign and slippery substance on the floor.  Through investigation, Attorney Sabatini discovered that the substance on the floor came from customers sampling a chemical spray product.  Customers were regularly spraying the product in the air resulting in the product accumulating on the floor. Due to the nature of the chemical substance, the daily mopping of the floor with soap and water did not remove the substance.  It was discovered during the litigation, that the store actually had a cleaning product on site to remove the substance from the floor, but the store manager was not even aware of the cleaning product’s existence.  Thus, the cleaning product was never used and the floor was remained slippery.  The client suffered an elbow injury which required surgery.

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Lawsuit Filed In Car Accident Case

Attorney James Sabatini has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client who was seriously injured in a car crash. The client sustained a herniated disc in the cervical spine that produces radiating pain.  The client initially attempted to handle the case on his own and deal with the insurance company’s claims adjuster.  His dealings with the insurance company became increasingly frustrating so he contacted Attorney Sabatini to takeover the case on his behalf. It is not uncommon for the firm to be retained by a client only after the client attempted to handle his case on own.  In cases involving significant injury, the injured person absolutely requires legal representation to ensure that he is properly and fully compensated for his injuries and losses.

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Injured Car Accident Victim Retains Sabatini & Associates, LLC

Sabatini and Associates, LLC has been retained by a client injured in a recent car accident.  The car accident occurred in Connecticut and has caused serious injuries to our client.  Initially, the client attempted to handle the claim on his own but soon discovered that he was ill equipped to deal with the insurance company on his own.  If you have been injured in a car accident and are handling the insurance claim on your own, contact one our of personal injury attorneys today.

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