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1 Killed, 3 Injured In Tractor Trailer Crash

A 47-year-old woman from Manchester was killed in an accident Monday afternoon on Route 2 that involved a tractor trailer and three cars. Cindy S. Cornish was killed when a tractor trailer crashed into her vehicle on Route 2 west near exit 16 in Marlborough. She had been slowing down for a construction site when the truck crashed into the rear end of her car. Three other people involved in the accident, including the driver of the tractor trailer, suffered minor injuries and were taken to Hartford Hospital and a clinic in Marlborough, state police said.
The accident, which occurred about three miles west of Exit 16, shut down westbound traffic after 3 p.m. The road was reopened shortly after 8 p.m. Read more about this fatal truck accident.

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Man Spared Prison Time In Fatal Car Accident

A judicial marshal was spared prison time today in an accident in Marlborough two years ago that killed an 81-year-old woman.

John Hubert, 43, of Waterbury was given a suspended, six-month sentence and one year of probation in Superior Court in Manchester. He was off-duty when he fatally struck Lourance H. Stevens while driving around, trying to find a bathroom for his wife.

Judge Raymond Norko told Hubert he must not break any motor vehicle laws and must contribute $1,000 to the Marlborough Senior Center in Stevens’ name.

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Crash Alley Section of I-95 Could Face Design Changes

A perpetually congested stretch of Interstate 95 — known by locals as “crash alley” — could face some changes. Backups along I-95 between Old Lyme and New London near exit 74 are common. The state Department of Transportation described the 12.3-mile stretch as a funnel because three lanes merge to two. This funneling has led to multiple car accidents over the years. Proposals including the widening of the highway are now being made to alleviate the problem.

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SuperSport Bikes Pose Increase Risk of Serious Injury and Death

Motorcyclists who ride high-performance racing motorcycles called supersport bikes are being killed in accidents at a rate nearly four times higher than those who ride all other types of bikes. The bikes are built on racing platforms and then modified for the highway before being sold to consumers.

Research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found the greatest insurance losses were incurred in claims involving racing motorcycles. Supersport bikes made up less than 10 per cent of registered motorcycles in 2005 but accounted for over 25 per cent of rider deaths.

Here’s a breakdown of deaths per 10,000 registered motorcycles in 2005:Supersport drivers: 22.5 per 10,000
Sport and unclad sport bikes: 10.7 per 10,000
Cruisers and standard motorcycles: 5.7 per 10,000
Touring motorcycles: 6.5 per 10,000
Other/unknown: 4.3 per 10,000
Total: 7.5 per 10,000

Motorcycles are increasing in popularity as well. Between the years 2000 and 2005 registrations climbed by 51 per cent.

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