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I91N Crash Kills 2

A collision in the northbound lanes of Interstate 91 just south of Exit 38 in Windsor Saturday at about 1:30 a.m. killed two and severely injured a third person. Police said a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed rear-ended a second, causing both vehicles to lose control. The two occupants in the car that was rear ended died.  State police continue to investigate the crash and witnesses are asked to contact state police.

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Fatal Car Crash In Bristol Kills Four Teens

Four teenagers were killed late Thursday night when the car they were in slid sideways into an oncoming car on Route 6, rolled onto its side and hit a utility pole, police reported.  Police suspect that speed was a factor in this fatal car crash.  A police investigation with accident reconstruction specialists is underway to determine speed and the cause of this crash.  The occupants of the other vehicle were treated at area hospitals.

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CT Drunk Driving Deaths On The Rise

There are new figures on the number of drunk driving deaths in Connecticut.The number of drunk driving deaths is on the rise and this concerns Mother Against Drunk Driving.
With all the work they do there is still a real sense of disappointment over the fact the state is seeing an increasing in the number of dui fatalities.  According to MADD, fatal accidents where the driver was above the legal limit of .08 have jumped.  In 2005, there were 98 deaths in Connecticut. In 2006, the number jumped to 109.  Despite the arrests, the convictions, the increase in criminal penalties and the tragic deaths and injuries, people in Connecticut continue to drive drunk and now there is an increase in deaths associated with drinking and driving in our State.  This is truly upsetting. 

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Connecticut Ederly Woman Killed By Drunk Driver

An 81-year-old woman was killed Monday evening by a drunk driver who crashed through a Mexican restaurant on West Main Street in Stamford, CT.  Police are not releasing the name of the woman, who lived in the neighborhood and was walking past Casa Villa Restaurant when the accident happened. The car pushed her inside that building and pinned her against a wall.

The driver, 35-year-old Kevin Farrow of Stamford, was charged with second-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle and driving under the influence.

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