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Watch Your Blind Spots While Driving On The Highway

Large trucks have blind spots, or No-Zones, around the front, back and sides of the truck. Watch out! A truck could even turn into you, because these No-Zones make it difficult for the driver to see. So, don’t hang out in the No-Zones, and remember, if you can’t see the truck driver in the truck’s mirror, the truck driver can’t see you.

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Our Attorneys Have a Proven Track Record in Getting Significant Compensation for Clients Injured Car Accidents. No Attorneys’ Fee or Costs Unless We Win If You Cannot Travel Due to Injuries or Other Medical Conditions We Can Schedule an Appointment at Your Home. Sabatini and Associates, LLC are Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers Representing the Injured Throughout the State of Connecticut.
Our Personal Injury Attorneys also Represent Connecticut Residents Injured in Other States Throughout the Country and Non-Residents Who have Suffered Injuries While Visiting the State of Connecticut.
The Personal Injury Lawyers at Sabatini and Associates, LLC have Recovered Millions of Dollars for People Injured In Car Accidents. We have been Representing Injured People For Over 30 Years.

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Avoiding Car Accidents In Bad Winter Weather

Bad winter weather is all too common for drivers in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast. Obviously, the best safety tip in avoiding a car accident in bad winter weather is to stay off the roads. But, this is not always a viable option. Many of us need to get to work or reach an important destination such as a pharmacy or hospital, so if you are out driving in winter weather keep these practical safety tips in mind.

1. Watch out for shaded areas on the road. Due to the lack of sun exposure, these shaded areas typically will have snow and ice where the rest of the sunlight roadway is clear of snow and ice.
2. For older cars, check your battery, cable connections, alternator and drive belts. Check your cooling system to make sure that you have the right mix of fresh antifreeze and water. Check hoses for cracks or leaky connections. These checks can prevent an engine from dying on the roadway leaving you stranded in bad weather.
3. Make sure the tires on the car are winter tires or all-season tires. Furthermore, make sure the tires still have good tread. Worn tires will not grip the roadway causing the car to slip and slide.
4. Keep a half a tank of gas in the tank. If you get caught in traffic or in a snowbank, you want sufficient gas to keep the car running and heated.
5. Keep a safety kit in your car that includes a bottle of water, candy bar, flashlight, gloves, jumper cables, and flares.
6. Keep a bag of sand and shovel in the trunk. If you get stuck in snow, you can use the shovel for the snow and then lay down the sand to give your tires traction when getting out of the snow.
Following these safety tips will hopefully prevent a car accident or car breakdown during bad winter weather, but if a car accident does happen, these tips will make the accident a lot more manageable.

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Current 11 Hour Truck Driver Rule Maintained

Rather than endorsing a court order sought by consumer advocates requring one less truck driving hour behind the wheel, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a final interim rule maintaining the current 11 hour truck driving limit. Consumer advocates had pressed for the new rule because the current 11 hour restriction allows for fatigued truck drivers to continue to drive their trucks on our highways and roadways placing the general public at risk. The FMCSA claims that the agency’s data does not support the notion that there is an increase in truck accidents during the truck driver’s 11th hour of driving. ┬áIt would be very interesting to see the agency’s data and how the data was created for the purpose of assessing its credibility.

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Connecticut Truck Accident Causes Mutliple Injuries

A tractor-trailer that lost its brakes on I-84 eastbound Saturday afternoon caused a chain reaction crash that ultimately involved five vehicles and caused several minor injuries. State police said the tractor-trailer, driven by Mark Drake of Lynne, Pa., rear-ended a box truck and pushed it into three cars before the box truck overturned on the highway. The crash, which occurred about 3:15 p.m., shut down the highway for about three hours, police said.

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