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Johnson & Johnson Aware of 40% Failure in Hip Implant

An internal analysis performed by Johnson & Johnson in 2011 not long after it recalled a hip implant device estimated that the all-metal device would fail within five years in nearly 40 percent of patients who received it. Johnson & Johnson never released those projections for the device, the Articular Surface Replacement, or ASR, which the company recalled in mid-2010. But at the same time that the medical products giant was performing that analysis, it was publicly playing down similar findings from a British implant registry about the device’s early failure rate. The company’s analysis also suggests that the hip implant will likely fail prematurely over the next few years in thousands of more patients.

If you or loved one has suffered serious injury or complications with a hip implant, call our attorneys today at 860-667-0839.

The company’s analysis also suggests that the implant is likely to fail prematurely over the next few years in thousands more patients.

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Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Client

Sabatini and Associates has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a client and her husband for serious injuries she suffered as a result of defective pelvic mesh.  The lawsuit has been filed against multiple defendants including American Medical Systems, Inc.  The client had been implanted with the Monarc Subfascial Hammock surgical mesh medical device product.  After receiving the device, the client experienced a host of complications resulting in multiple surgeries.  The Connecticut lawyers at Sabatini and Associates, LLC are accepting new clients with serious injury claims involving pelvic mesh products. If you or loved one have been injured as a result of surgical mesh, call personal injury attorney James Sabatini at 860-667-0839 for more information.

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Johnson & Johnson To Halt Sales of Surgical Mesh Implants

Johnson & Johnson plans to stop selling surgical mesh implants used to treat women’s health problems.  The surgical mesh implants have been linked to serious injuries.  J&J sent a letter Monday to judges in New Jersey and West Virginia who are presiding over certain patient lawsuits against the company. J&J said it plans to phase out four mesh products over the next three to nine months.
The plastic mesh is used to strengthen the pelvic wall in cases of pelvic organ prolapse, in which the bladder or other reproductive organs slip down into the vagina. About 75,000 women had prolapse surgery with mesh inserted through the vagina last year. A similar procedure using an incision in the abdomen is less common.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported last year that the implants were associated with higher rates of pain, bleeding and infection than traditional surgery with stitches. The agency said 10% of women experienced erosion or exposure of the mesh within 12 months of having the mesh implanted. More than half of these women required follow-up surgery to remove the mesh. Some required three surgeries. Furthermore, the FDA said it saw no evidence that using mesh led to better outcomes than traditional surgery with stitches.  These injuries, complications and additional surgeries have triggered hundreds of lawsuits.
The attorneys at Sabatini and Associates, LLC are representing women injured by surgical mesh implants and are presently accepting new clients for mesh implant claims

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Woman Retains Sabatini and Associates in Transvaginal Mesh Case

Sabatini and Associates, llc has been recently retained by a woman for a transvaginal mesh personal injury claim. Our client sustained permanent and severe injuries and further claims that her injuries were caused by transvaginal mesh.  Our firm is presently accepting new clients with transvaginal mesh injury claims.  For information on transvaginal mesh and how our lawyers can help, contact Attorney James Sabatini.

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Attorney James Sabatini Files Product Liability Yasmin Lawsuit

On behalf of his client, Attorney James Sabatini has filed a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturers of Yasmin in Connecticut Federal District Court. The lawsuit alleges that the birth control medication Yasmin was a substantial factor in causing the client to suffer bilateral pulmonary emboli.  Sabatini and Associates, LLC represents women in Yasmin and Yaz product liability litigation and is presently accepting Yasmin and Yaz cases.

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