School Injuries

When we send our children to school, we expect that the school is safe and the school officials are properly supervising the students. When students are injured at school, the injuries are commonly caused by an unsafe condition on the school’s property or a lack of supervision or combination of the two. We handle cases involving school children injured at school due to unsafe premises and lack of adequate supervision. Some school injury claims require statutory written notice.

The time deadline to provide written statutory notice can be very short. In other school injury claims, the liability of the municipality can be limited. Therefore, it is important to get our lawyers involved in the school injury case as quickly as possible so that all of your child’ rights are protected.

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Sabatini and Associates experienced personal injury lawyers handle cases involving children injured at school, during a school activity, or due to a bus accident. We work alongside you to protect your child’s rights, make those responsible accountable for their actions, and work to create a safer school for your all of your community children.

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