Construction Injuries

Construction sites always present hazards. These hazards can be successfully reduced by implementing the appropriate safety measures and following proper safety protocols. By adhering to safety protocols and installing safety mechanisms, most serious accidents can be prevented. However, the failure to have a safe construction site will cause serious accidents and injuries to workers and passers-by.

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For workers injured at a construction site, the worker has a workers’ compensation claim. The worker may also have other viable legal claims including:

  • claims against a product manufacturer if the injury was caused by a defective machine or tool
  • claims against a subcontractor for negligence
  • claims against a co-worker if that co-worker’s negligent operation of a vehicle caused the injury

If you were a passer-by injured by an unsafe construction site, you would have legal claims against each company responsibility for the unsafe condition(s) that led to the accident. Unsafe conditions that cause injury include dropped tools, debris not secured on site, fire, explosion, and scaffolding accidents.

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