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Client Receives $100,000.00 Settlement From Car Accident Involving Drunk Driver

Attorney James Sabatini has reached a $100,000 settlement on behalf of his client who suffered a herniated disc as a result of a drunk driver.  The client was rear ended by a drunk driver.  The case settled for the drunk driver’s policy limits. The insurance company’s original settlement offer was $6,000.00.  The insurance company repeatedly attempted to try to settle the case for less than the policy limits.

Each attempt by the insurance company to settle for less than the policy limits was immediately rejected.  With the trial a few months away, the insurance company offered the full policy limits.   On a related noted, the drunk driver had been drinking alcohol at a restaurant.  A dram shop claim has been brought against the restaurant.  The case remains pending in court.

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Attorney James Sabatini Reaches Settlement In Car Accident Case With No Police Report

Attorney James Sabatini recently obtained a car accident settlement for his client.  The accident was a minor fender bender.  There was no police report. In fact, the police were not called to the accident scene. The client saw his doctor for a neck injury about 30 days after the accident.  He had a prior neck injury. He was assigned a 5% whole person impairment. The case settled for $37,500.00.  This result demonstrates that despite having minimal property damage and delayed medical treatment, a good settlement can still be obtained if proper and thorough legal work is put into the case and the client is very credible.

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$278,000 Premises Liability Settlement – Hip Fracture

Attorney Vincent Sabatini has obtained a $278,000 settlement for an elderly client who fell and suffered a fractured hip.  The client was at a day care facility for adults requiring supervision.  At the time of the fall, no one was supervising the client.  The defendant denied liability.  Only after extensive discovery efforts did the defendant recognize its liability and agree to settle the case for a fair and just amount.

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Michigan Jury Awards $15M to 10 Female Inmates

A Michigan jury awarded $15M to 10 female inmates who were allegedly raped and sexually harassed by the male staff of a Michigan state prison. This case was the first ever in Michigan concerning female prisoners suffering sexual abuse. 490 other woman have also come forward with their cases. The full story of this case can be read here

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