Author: James Sabatini

James Sabatini is a Connecticut trial lawyers practicing personal injury law.

Woman Injured by Surgical Mesh Hires Sabatini and Associates

A Connecticut woman recently hired Sabatini and Associates to pursue a product liability lawsuit against a surgical mesh manufacturer.  Since receiving the transvaginal mesh, our client has experience serious complications including pain.  As a result of the complications, she has undergone multiple surgeries and now lives with permanent injuries.  The lawyers at Sabatini and Associates represent women injured by surgical mesh.  If you have been injured by surgical mesh, call Attorney James Sabatini at 860-667-0839 to discuss your case.

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Sabatini & Associates Hired in Transvaginal Mesh Injury Case

A Connecticut woman has retained the our attorneys to represent her in her surgical mesh injury case.  After receiving the transvaginal mesh product, our client developed serious physical pain and other adverse symptoms.  Her treating doctor determined that the mesh had eroded and needed to be surgical removed.  The young woman has hired our lawyers to pursue a claim for damages against the manufacturer of the mesh.  The lawyers at Sabatini and Associates represent women who have been seriously injured as a result of surgical mesh.  We are presently accepting new cases involving surgical mesh.  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of surgical mesh, we are here to help. Call our attorneys today at 860-667-0839 for a free consultation.

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Sabatini and Associates Retained in Slip and Fall Case

Our lawyers have been retained by a woman who suffered serious personal injuries due to a slip and fall on ice at her Connecticut apartment complex.  Our client’s injuries include a fractured leg and fractured kneecap.  Many slip and fall accidents occur due to icy conditions.  Property owners and property management companies have a legal responsibility to make sure that their walkways, driveways and parking lots are clear of snow and ice.  If you or loved one have suffered personal injuries due to ice on a sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or walk way, call our attorneys today at 860-667-0839.

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Connecticut Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Attorney James Sabatini has filed a Connecticut wrongful death lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court. The case involves a tragic car accident that resulted in the death of our client. 

Wrongful death cases are brought under Connecticut’s wrongful death statute, C.G.S. Section 52-555.  Pursuant to the statute, the decedent through her estate is entitled to receive “just damages” which include the lost of life, loss of earning capacity, loss of the enjoyment of life’s activities, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, hospital expenses, funeral and burial expenses and other economic losses.

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Sabatini & Associates Retained in Mirena IUD Injury Case

A Connecticut woman has retained the lawyers at Sabatini and Associates to pursue a Mirena IUD injury claim on her behalf. 

Mirena IUD lawsuits are being filed by women around the country who allege the intrauterine device caused serious side effects, injuries, including uterine perforations.  According to the Mirena lawsuits, the IUD can migrate within a woman’s body, even outside of her uterus, and potentially cause a number of serious side effects and injuries.

Our attorneys represent women in medical device injury cases including Mirena IUD claims. For a free consultation, call our attorneys today at 860-667-0839.

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