Buffalo Plane Crash – Pilot Not Properly Trained

According to media reports, the captain of a commuter plane that crashed Feb. 12 near Buffalo, N.Y., had failed numerous flight tests during his career and was never adequately taught how to respond to the emergency that led to the airplane’s fatal descent. All 49 people aboard were killed, as well as one person in a house below, when the plane crashed just a few miles short of the Buffalo airport en route from Newark, N.J.  According to reports, Capt. Marvin Renslow had never been properly trained by his employer to respond to a warning system designed to prevent the plane from going into a stall. As the speed slowed to a dangerous level, setting off the stall-prevention system, he did the opposite of the proper procedure, which led to the crash.  The Continental Connection Flight 3407 crash killed 50.

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