Why Hire Us

Why hire us versus a law firm that advertisies on television? Here is the reason. Some firms that advertise heavily on television are not the type of firms that maximize the value of a case. They handle too many of them. They have tremedous overhead due to the advertising. The firms work on volume. They rarely if ever go to trial. It is difficult for any lawyer to handle hundreds of personal injury case every year and maximize the value on each case.

We do not advertise on television. ¬†We put the work in on each personal injury case to maximize its value. If we cannot get a fair and just settlement for the client, we will take the case to trial and let the jury decide. Insurance companies know which attorneys are willing to try cases, and they know which ones are just looking for a quick and easy settlement check. The former is always better than the latter. You should never hire a lawyer or law firm simply because they have a lot of television ads and say they’ll get you a lot of money or provide great legal service. There is a good chance that you will ge neither.

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