Bacteria-Tainted Syringes Causing Serious Injury To Patients

More lawsuits have been filed over bacteria-tainted syringes. Sierra Pre-Filled of Angier, North Carolina makes the syringes, filled with heparin or saline are used to flush IV or catheter lines. In December, bacteria-contaminated pre-filled syringes sickened 20 outpatients of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. 14 of those patients required hospitalization from five to nine days. All already have compromised immune systems from cancer and other ailments and many were undergoing chemotherapy. Quick investigative work linked the syringes to the bacteria,?Serratia marcescensOn December 20, 2007, the FDA announced AM2 PAT, Inc., initiated a nationwide recall of one lot of Pre-Filled Heparin Lock Flush Solution USP (5 mL in 12 mL Syringes), Lot # 070926H. Then the FDA in January expanded the recall to include all lots and sizes the company makes of heparin and saline pre-filled syringes after finding they too were contaminated with Serratia marcescens. The heparin IV flush syringe contamination was later confirmed by the CDC after checking several unopened syringes of this product.

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