Middletown Bus Accident Injures Students

A teacher’s Jeep slammed into a school bus in Middletown this morning, sending several students to the hospital. A Jeep driven by a Morris Elementary School teacher collided with the school bus shortly after 8 this morning on Middletown’s Kaplan Drive.
Middletown police tell News Channel 8 that icy roads played a part in the crash.
As many as 14 people with minor injuries are being checked out at the hospital as a precaution. Most of them are middle school students
This is accident is another reminder of two things: 1) precaution must be taken when dirving in winter conditions even where the roads have been plowed, icy conditions especially black ice can still exist; and 2) school buses still are not required to have seat belts for the students riding on the bus. This needs to be changed to prevent injuries and/or the lessening of the extent of the injuries. Why are seat belts not required on school buses? Read this article for insight on the reasons. http://www.ncsbs.org/testimonies/seat_belt_background.htm

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