Sabatini & Associates Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Injured Student

Sabatini and Associates has filed suit in Hartford Superior Court on behalf of an elementary school student and her mother for injuries the student sustained during school recess. While using playground equipment, the student fell to the ground and fractured her leg. The fractured was caused by inadequate protective surfacing located under the fall zone. It is crucial for schools to properly install and maintain their school playground equipment. Failing to install or maintain an adequate surface within the fall zone leads to serious injuries. The fall zone surface must provide adequate cushion so that the energy of the impact of the student’s fall is absorbed to an extent to prevent serious injuries such as fractures. The firm’s attorneys have significant experience in representing students injured on school grounds. These cases involve strict time deadlines and difficult legal issues. Without proper and experience legal representation, claims that should be successful can be lost. Contact Attorney James Sabatini for further information if your child has suffered serious injury on school property.

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