Law Firm Secures $100,000 for Car Accident Client

Attorney James Sabatini recently secured a $100,000.00 settlement for his client who was injured in a motor vehicle collision.  The collision happened in Connecticut approximately one year before the settlement was obtained.  The case was filed in state superior court.  The case settled soon after the client was deposed.  The client’s performance in his deposition had a positive effect on obtaining the settlement figure.  In advance of the client’s deposition, Attorney Sabatini spent significant time with his client in preparing him for the deposition.  It is absolutely critical that a client be thoroughly prepared for the deposition.  The preparation includes the following; (1) going over the basic rules to follow during the course of the deposition; (2) reviewing all medical records to ensure that the client’s testimony is consistent with the medical records; (3) reviewing the police report and answers to interrogatories; (4) going through a mock deposition where the attorney asks the questions that are expected to be asked by the insurance defense lawyer.  The preparation ensures that the deposition will go well for the client which in turn increases the chances the case will settle for maximum value or that if there is a trial, the client’s deposition testimony will not be used against him.

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