DePuy Hip Implant Litigation Update

Realizing that they had a major problem with the defective ASR hip implant, J&J and DePuy established a “medical bill reimbursement program”. The program allowed DePuy to pay for the medical bills related to the medical treatment care and treatment necessitated by the defective hip implants including revision surgeries. However, for a patient with a defective hip implant to access the program, the patient was being required to sign and hand over a medical authorization to DePuy. Lawyers representing clients have put an end to this requirement. Clients can now access the medical reimbursement program without signing the medical authorization.  All information related to the client’s case goes through the lawyer representing the client. This ensures that the client’s rights are well protected. This also means that for injured ASR hip users without current legal representation, it is important that the person retain legal counsel. For more information or to inquire about retaining legal representation, feel free to contact Attorney James Sabatini, the firm’s lawyer handling hip implant litigation.

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