Another Tragic Case of Teenage Drinking & Driving

In the early morning hours of August 25, 2010, a Connecticut teen driver lost control of her SUV while on the on ramp to I-91 N in Enfield and collided into a tractor-trailer.  A half empty bottle of vodka was in the car.  The teen driver had a blood alcohol level of 0.065 per a blood test taken at Baystate Hospital following the collision. Tragically, one of the teen passengers was killed in the collision.  Reports indicate that the teen driver had been drinking vodka shots at a house party before the fatal collision.  The teen driver is now facing numerous criminal charges including negligent homicide with a motor vehicle. 

This is unfortunately another sad case involving driving while under the influence of alcohol.  Despite the media attention to the issue, greater education on the perils of drinking and driving, and enhanced civil and criminal penalties, teen drivers continue to drink and drive.  Will this latest tragedy change anything?  – Hopefully it will.

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