France Narrows Flight AF447 Black Box Search

Almost one year ago, an Air France jetliner crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.  Flight AF447  crashed on June 1, 2009 killing all 228 people onboard.  Efforts to locate the flight-data and cockpit voice recorders commenced shortly after the crash; however, to date, have not been discovered.  The digital devices do not float and are presumed to be resting somewhere in the ocean floor.  The digital devices do emit a signal, but the signal dies about 30 days after activation.  Lat year as the French Navy was looking for the black boxes, signals were detected by one of its submarines.  However, the French navy at that time could not determine whether the signals came from the black boxes.  Recently, the improved software was developed to better analyze the data and now it is believed that the signals detected do come from the black boxes.  This should prove to be a significant step in locating the black boxes.  It narrows the search area to roughly the size of Paris.  Locating and retrieving the black boxes is crucial to determine what caused this terrible aviation disaster.

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