Effective Argument To The Jury – Client Only Gets One Trial

The phone call.

Why is your decision so important? Why is it so significant?

I want you to imagine that 15 years from now, that I get a phone call from my client. He calls me and says “The verdict is not enough. I’m having medical problems and there’s no money for it. I need some more money. Get that jury back together, they didn’t consider this and tell them they didn’t give me enough. It isn’t fair. I want my leg.”  And I’ll have to tell him “We can’t get them together. Their decision is final. That’s it. It’s binding. What you have is what you got.”

So he hangs up the phone and calls the judge in the case. The judge will have tell him “I’m sorry. I told them to be fair and that their verdict is final. That their decision would have to last your whole life.”

So he calls the defense attorney.  And the defense attorney tells him “I’ll tell you just like I  did in court. It’s too bad you got hurt, but it’s your fault.” Then the defense attorney hangs up on him.

Your verdict is final and has to stand the test of time

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