U-Haul Ordered To Pay $87 Million To Injured Customer

A Dallas County jury recently awarded a man who was partially paralyzed in a moving-truck accident with $87 million.  Talmadge Waldrip rented a U-Haul truck in September 2006 to help his daughter move. The 6-ton truck rolled over him, crushing his bladder and pelvis.  “When I stopped the truck and got out of it, the truck started rolling backwards, and it knocked me down,” Waldrip said.  The gravely injured man has gone through 14 surgeries and can still not properly walk.  He requires around the clock medical care. 

U-Haul’s response to the jury’s verdict: “While the plaintiff’s injuries are extremely regrettable, the final verdict is another example of abuse of the legal system against corporate citizens in America.”  No, U-Haul, the jury’s verdict is not an example of the abuse of the legal system.  The jury’s verdict is a message to your company that allowing your trucks to be rented by consumers with faulty emergency brakes will not be tolerated by the community.  And when your gross negligence causes serious injury, you will compensate the injured.

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