Airplane Runway Near Collisions

The National Transportation Safety Board has released dramatic animation of two runway near-collisions this year to show what the agency says is the need for improvements in runway safety.

The NTSB animation shows two planes nearly colliding at the San Francisco International Airport in May.The first animation shows a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 and a United Airlines Airbus A320 coming within 230 feet of colliding on the runway at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida in July. The animation includes audio from the air traffic controller, who can be heard yelling, “Stop, stop, stop!” to the United plane as the Delta aircraft attempts to land. The second animation shows a May incident at San Francisco International Airport in California in which a Republic Airlines jet takes off, coming within 35 feet of a SkyWest Airlines commuter turboprop that has just landed. To view the video, click here.

A Congressional Report was recently released stating that there is a?high risk?of a runway collision.? The contents of the report will be more fully blogged about shortly.

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