Examples of Dental Negligence and Injuries

  • Permanent or temporary injuries to the nerves of the tongue, jaw, chin and lips, including lingual nerve injury (tongue), inferior alveolar nerve damage (lips, chin and jaw);
  • Permanent or temporary numbness or loss of taste sensation;
  • Permanent or temporary structural injuries to the tongue, jaw, chin or lips;
  • Wrongful death resulting from dental procedures;
  • Injuries or death caused by improper or negligent administration of anesthesia;
  • Failure to detect or diagnose oral cancer;
  • Failure to examine for or diagnose periodontal disease;
  • Injuries associated with root canals using Sargenti Paste (N2);
  • Failed or improper crown and bridge prostheses;
  • Treatment exceeding the scope of consent;
  • Injuries from improper treatment by unlicensed dentists;
  • Dental product liability claims or improper use of dental devices, including dental lasers and silicone implants;
  • Failed dental surgery or oral surgery;
  • Injuries associated with extractions or needlessly extracted teeth;
  • Failed or improper orthodontic procedures on adults and children.

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