Children’s Toys with Magnets Pose Hazards

Toys with small, removable parts, continue to pose hazards to children. Last month, Mega Brands, Inc., the maker of “Magnetix” building sets, recalled nearly 4 million of the toys. The recall was an expansion of an original recall of some of the sets, in March 2006. The building sets include magnets that are easily removed, and easily swallowed. To date, at least one death and more than 25 serious injuries, including aspiration injuries, to children, are known to be attributed to the Magnetix building sets. Although the company is still manufacturing and selling the toy, it has changed the design, so that the potentially lethal magnets are not so easily removed by children. The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission is behind the recall, and reports that Mega Brands, Inc. is cooperating with the Commission.? The common injury from the ingestion of a magnet is the perforation of the intestines which if it not surgically repaired can lead to death.

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