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Sabatini and Associates Retained in Connecticut Car Accident Case

We have been retained by a young woman severely injured in a Connecticut car accident.  The injuries were worsened when she was injured in a second car accident.  Since the injuries were worsened by the second accident, the cases are being brought in a single lawsuit.  By bringing the cases in a single lawsuit, a jury will be able to properly allocate the damages between the two cases and thus ensure that our client will be fully compensated for all of her harms and losses.

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Law Firm Retained For Car Accident Case

Sabatini and Associates,LLC has been retained by a woman injured in a car accident. The client lives out of state. The accident happened in Connecticut and was caused by a Connecticut driver. Since the accident happened in the state and the driver is from Connecticut, Connecticut courts have jurisdiction over the case and Connecticut is the proper venue to bring the case.

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Attorney James Sabatini Files Dental Malpractice Lawsuit

Attorney James Sabatini has filed a dental malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a client who suffered serious injuries as a result of a root canal gone wrong. The malpractice lawsuit alleges that the dentist lacked the necessary training, experience and background to perform the complicated root canal and as a result, the tooth was lost resulting in multiple injuries. This is yet another instance where Attorney James Sabatini has represented an injured patient in a case where a dentist lacking the necessary skill still proceeds with a root canal procedure.
Endodontists are dental specialists. They have received special training and education in the performance of root canals and as a result there is less risk in something going wrong. If you have been injured in a root canal, contact Attorney James Sabatini today.

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