Victims Of Crime – Sexual Abuse, Assaults, Drunk Driving, Shootings

Each day over 30,000 people are injured through violence. Over 35,000 people are killed annually by gunfire. Only automobile accidents kill more. While guns cause 70% of violent injuries and deaths, a substantial minority of violent crimes are carried out using knives, clubs, and other objects. Although recent reports indicate that violent crime rates are at a 30-year low, the costs placed on society continue to reach over $425 billion each year. Acts of violence seem to be increasing with each passing day. Road rage and workplace assaults are commonplace. School shootings no longer shock the conscious as they once did.

Sexual abuse occurs in numerous forms and affects many types of victims. In Connecticut, the statute of limitations allows adults who have been abused as children until their 48th birthday in which to make a claim. Sex abuse claims are extremely varied. Parents may bring a claim on behalf of a child, or adults may file a claim relating to sexual abuse endured during childhood. No matter the details, sexual abuse claims are extremely sensitive in nature and require the attention of our attorneys.