Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are now dealing with medical bills, lost time from work, car repairs, and physical pain. On top of this, you are dealing with the insurance company. The insurance company is looking to settle your case for as a little as possible and as quickly as possible. Do not deal with the insurance company on your own.

You need lawyers to protect your rights. You need lawyers to make sure you are fully compensated for all your harms and losses. You need the lawyers at Sabatini and Associates.

What are harms and losses? Harms and losses include economic loss (medical bills, lost wages, impaired earning capacity, other out-of-pocket expenses). Harms and losses include physical pain, emotional suffering, permanent injury, negative effects on daily living, and loss of enjoyment of recreational life.

How does one determine the dollar amount for your harms and losses? Our lawyers do. Based upon our experience, knowledge and skill, we work hard to make sure that the insurance company fully pays for your harms and losses.

By hiring us, you will be able to concentrate on recovering from your injuries while we handle the case. We have a 44 year proven track record of successfully representing folks injured in car wrecks and have recovered millions of dollars for them. We are here to help you and your family.