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James Sabatini is a Connecticut trial lawyers practicing personal injury law.

Table Saw Injuries | CT Product Liability Lawyers

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 35,000 table saw users are injured every year. Many of the injuries are caused by kickback, when a piece of wood being cut closes and snags on the back of the spinning saw blade causing the wood to fly back toward the user. The kickback of the wood causes the user to lose balance and in many cases resulting in a finger, hand or arm coming into contact with the blade. The blade contact causes severe injuries including amputation.
These injuries can be prevented through safety technology. One, SawStop technology is a safety feature where the saw detects flesh and stops the rotating saw blade upon contact with human skin. Two, Riving Knives are metal pieces attached behind the exposed blade that rise and fall with the blade. The metal pieces keep the wood from closing an snagging the back of the rotating blade.
Despite the availability of the safety technology, table saw manufacturers continue to balk at incorporating the technology in their products and thus, people continue to get seriously injured.
Our Connecticut product liability lawyers are available to discuss defective product injury claims including those involving table saws.

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Six Figure Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

Attorney James Sabatini obtained a six figure settlement on behalf of his client in a slip and fall case.  The case involved a big box store located in Connecticut.  Our client was walking in an aisle when she fell due to a foreign and slippery substance on the floor.  Through investigation, Attorney Sabatini discovered that the substance on the floor came from customers sampling a chemical spray product.  Customers were regularly spraying the product in the air resulting in the product accumulating on the floor. Due to the nature of the chemical substance, the daily mopping of the floor with soap and water did not remove the substance.  It was discovered during the litigation, that the store actually had a cleaning product on site to remove the substance from the floor, but the store manager was not even aware of the cleaning product’s existence.  Thus, the cleaning product was never used and the floor was remained slippery.  The client suffered an elbow injury which required surgery.

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Attorney James Sabatini Files Surgical Mesh Lawsuit

Attorney James Sabatini recently filed a surgical mesh lawsuit in Connecticut on behalf of his clients.  The lawsuit alleges that the TVT device that was implanted in the client was defective and dangerous and has caused serious injuries.  The lawsuit alleges multiple causes of action including product liability, negligence, constructive fraud, unfair trade practices, and breach of warranty.  The lawsuit also includes a loss of consortium claim for the damages the husband has suffered as a result of the injuries to his wife.

The lawyers at Sabatini and Associates, LLC are actively pursuing cases involving transvaginal surgical mesh.  The firm has filed lawsuits in multiple cases and has multiple cases under pre-litigation investigation.  If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by pelvic mesh, call us at 860-667-0839 for a free consultation.

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CT State Supreme Court Requires Social Media Jury Instruction

The Connecticut Supreme Court recently held that trial courts must instruct jurors in all cases at the time of jury selection to not use social media to discuss the case they have been selected to serve as a jury on and to avoid all social media where the case is being discussed.  This instruction is necessary to ensure that jurors are deciding cases based upon the evidence and law presented inside the courtroom during the trial versus outside information.

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Attorney James Sabatini Secures $350,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Attorney James Sabatini recently secured a $350,000,00 settlement for his client who was injured as a result of a defective deck.  The deck’s railings were in a dangerous and defective condition resulting in the client falling from the deck.  Shortly after the accident, a civil engineer was retained by Attorney Sabatini who then inspected the deck and confirmed that the railings were improperly installed and in violation of the building code.  Attorney Sabatini has extensive experience in representing people injured in Connecticut as a result of defective conditions located on private and public property.  For further information about Connecticut premises liability claims, please feel free to call Attorney James Sabatini at 860-667-0839.

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